SaaSiest Executive Network

The SaaSiest Executive Network is an exclusive membership group for SaaS professionals working for European headquartered, B2B SaaS companies.

The network has been developed to facilitate peer-to-peer conversations, allowing executives of different disciplines to directly and openly discuss strategic and operational challenges and opportunities.

The focus is on intimate and in-depth conversations. Each group will consist of 6-12 members at any given time. The groups will be paired based on a few parameters, for example, the size of your organization (ARR and Employees) and the current growth pace of your revenue (CAGR). There is a non-compete element and members representing “competing offers” will be placed in separate groups.

The groups are divided into these categories: Customer Success, Engineering, Finance, Marketing/Growth, Operations, Partner/Alliances, People, Presales, Product, Sales/Revenue, and Services/Support.

Hands-on, no selling, no fluff, focusing on tactical elements that help you to grow in your role and as a person.

How does it work?

  1. Meetups 9 meetups a year for peer-to-peer discussions. These are in general digital but at least one will be in-person in conjunction with the SaaSiest conference. The agenda will be driven by the group itself but with SaaS Nordic as moderators

  2. Digital Community Access to a closed Slack group where you can communicate directly and ad-hoc with the others in the group

  3. Exclusive Access to experts and data Access to exclusive talks, webinars, and reports from SaaS experts to inspire and help fuel your growth


  • We welcome applicants currently holding a VP position or higher
  • You should have an ARR of at least 2M euros

What is the cost of a membership?

Membership is free, but you must have 2/3 attendance to stay in the group. We are now more than 200 people divided into 18 groups. We can not guarantee that there is an open group for you but you are welcome to apply!

SaaSiest Executive Network