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SaaSiest 2021 - A learning and networking experience unlike any other!

SaaSiest 2021 is presented by SaaS Nordic and provides a forum for SaaS Founders and professionals to share and discuss trends, best practices, and deep dive into relevant topics! We have the pleasure to present to you a lineup of speakers with high impact, no-fluff content and a diverse range of voices and perspectives that will generate engaging discussions, challenge attendees to think differently, and give participants takeaways they can implement immediately

Some of the themes that will be addressed:

• B2B SaaS Marketing in the era of the buyer – how to break through the noise and become a buying enablement engine
• The transition from startup to scaleup – the evolution of organization, culture, and process to make the transition
• Unit economics and pricing strategy management – SaaS is all about maximizing those subscription margins down the road
• Internationalization, particularly going west – the key elements to get right when expanding outside of the Nordics
• Financing and Bootstrapping – the good the bad and the ugly of the different financing alternatives to scale your business
• PLG and Customer Success is the new growth engine – learn the ins and outs from the best in class on how to make the transition
• Networking and Roundtable – sessions dedicated for you to directly interact with your peers and the speakers in the different session rooms
• Award ceremony – join us to celebrate the SaaSiest companies and people of the Nordics

Join us for these two knowledge-packed days and take part in all the great presentations, panel discussions, and roundtable chats. This will truly leave you inspired and send you back home with some new ideas for your own business!

Welcome to the SaaSiest 2021 – we cant wait to see you all there!


Thursday to Friday
September 16 to 17, 2021

Hurry Up!

Countdown to the event

Why you must attend SaaSiest 2021

  • Learn from the best: 40+ thought leaders from the hottest SaaS organizations are sharing their insights on all things SaaS.
  • Ability to network with your peers in the space – exchange ideas, best practices, find new collaborative partners via our networking and professional speed dating sessions.
  • Keep up with the existing trends and more importantly learn about the upcoming ones that define our space.


Go to SaaSiest 2022 instead!

Conference Schedule

The schedule is just a draft at this point. Will be updated continuously. Stay tuned!
  • Day 1

    September 16, 2021

  • Welcome and opening of SaaSiest 2021 - the largest peer-to-peer SaaS community event in the Nordics!

  • What does it take to change the future? Emil Eifrem Founder & CEO, Neo4j shares his view as to how he decided to take on Microsoft, Amazon, and Oracle, on their home turf, with a concept that completely disrupted an established space! Neo4j recently raised $325 million at a more than $2 billion valuation and is one of the latest SaaS unicorns out of the Nordics.

  • Marketing is all about "Buyer enablement"! Fireside chat with Sussane Rönnqvist Ahmadi , VP International Marketing at Hubspot and our own Thomas & Daniel to discuss the state of B2B SaaS marketing. The main focus will be the role of Marketing as the engine to support "Buying enablement"!

  • Making your SaaS business stand out in a crowded market can be tough. The following discussion will focus on how you can boost your visibility, engage with your customers, and ultimately, grow your business in a noisy market!

  • Join us for the roundtable discussions that are live and active in the lounge area!

  • What the heck is unit economics and why is it more important than ever for SaaS companies? Erik Bakstad CEO Ardoq presents his view on this critical element of understanding the revenue and cost of a business on a per-unit basis!

  • As Nordic businesses we have one thing in common - our domestic market is too small and we need to go global early on! This panel discussion will focus on how we best scale our Sales organization to meet global demand! Moderated by: Sascha E.H. Skydsgaard, CSO, Timelog

  • Join us for the roundtable discussions that are live and active in the lounge area!

  • Do you want to see the stars of tomorrow coming out of the Nordic SaaS scene? Join us as the finalists pitch their businesses and receive live feedback! Jury: Josef Fallesen CEO & Founder at Vaam (Moderator), Magnus B. Willumsen Investment Manager at Viking Venture, Ingrid Bonde Akerlind Investment Professional at Oxx and Sami Ahvenniemi General Partner at Vendep Capital and

  • How do you design Go To Market fit, and why is it so important? Hear from one of the experts in the area, Mikael Johnsson Partner at Oxx, how you validate Go To Market fit and the critical elements to get it right!

  • This discussion will address the good, bad and the ugly of bootstrapping - learn from 3 founders that created multimillion Euro companies before taking in any external cash! Moderated by serial entrepreneur Taina Sipilä.

  • Join us for the roundtable discussions that are live and active in the lounge area!

  • SaaS businesses are all about managing and develop your customer subscriptions! But what are the real key drivers for growth and how do you prepare your organization for further scale? Younium and their customer Kognity will share practical examples of making sure opportunities for increased MRR are captured, scaling effects through automation, and how they enabled their customers to self-service.

  • This panel discussion will address the role of customer success in hypergrowth SaaS companies. The panelist will discuss the importance of Customer Success and how you set up the organization to make sure your customers are successful! Moderated by Jennifer Rose Cramer, Planhat

  • How does Revenue Intelligence enable organizations to shift from making decisions based on opinion to reality? Learn how you as a Sales leader can up-level the skills of your people, better execute deals and retain customers, and measure the impact of strategic initiatives with Revenue Intelligence!

  • It is not always the best product that wins! However, the company with the strongest Positioning strategy always wins! Bob Wright, Partner at Firebrick out of San Francisco shares his 7 golden rules for Positioning when going to the States!

  • Join us on a virtual Reality meet-up for some drinks - best suited for Oculus users :)!

  • Day 2

    September 17, 2021

  • So you took your business to 10m ARR - congrats! Now what? Fredrik Skantze, CEO and Co-Founder of fast-growing shares the opportunities and challenges that come with being a 10+m ARR business.

  • Magnus Willumsen, Investment Manager at Viking Venture, helps us demystify SaaS pricing. The session focuses on how you could grow your ARR through value based pricing and takes you through some key learnings from price changes across several SaaS companies.

  • Are we all going back to the office? Or is the new reality some kind of a hybrid approach? The panelists will discuss what this means for building culture, enabling old and new colleagues, and for collaboration among teams!

  • Join us for the roundtable discussions that are live and active in the lounge area!

  • Fireside chat with Ola Sars, CEO & Co-Founder Soundtrack Your Brand, and Despina Exadaktylou, Founder Product-Led Growth Hub, about the challenging and sometimes dangerous path to transform a well-performing Sales and Marketing Led organization into a pure Product Led Growth organization!

  • In an ever-changing world, we've seen buying interactions and the way we meet with our customers change! In this session, Mathias Thulin, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer shares his view on how to master selling SaaS in a remote world!

  • Join us for the roundtable discussions that are live and active in the lounge area!

  • Never before in history have the current record levels of both private and public equity market liquidity been seen, especially for digital/SaaS companies. All doors are therefore open at the same time for tech entrepreneurs and investors looking to transact – M&A, capital raising, IPO, and now also SPAC’s. This is of course very good news but navigating this complex landscape can be a challenge and it is therefore important to ask the right questions before deciding on which door to take. This session will discuss the Nordic market development and factors to consider when deciding, including pitfalls to avoid.

  • We're all about automation, but at what cost to the personal approach? In this session, Ollie Sharpe, VP of Revenue, and Natasha Evans, Head of Customer Success EMEA help us understand where to invest in personalization and when to focus on automation across your customer touchpoints!

  • Panel discussion on when to consider a channel strategy, why, and how to get it airborne successfully. Learn from this group of panelists with successful channels programs to support their growth! Moderated by: Jesper Larsen, inRiver

  • Join us for the roundtable discussions that are live and active in the lounge area!

  • Learn how to level up your user onboarding experience, get more users to experience those "Eureka!" moments of their own, and turn them into raving fans of your product with Product-Led Onboarding

  • Christian Lund, CPO & Co-Founder at hypergrowth Templafy shares with us, an alternative path, on how to go global from day 1 which has helped their business grow multiple times year over year!

  • Awards Session! Add to calendar Join us for this last session as we will announce the following category winners: 1)SaaSiest Pitch competition winner 2)SaaSiest Company of the year 3)SaaSiest Person of the year

Our Speakers

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