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SaaSiest Benchmark Report 2024 is here – Fresh and hot numbers for you!

Are you top or bottom percentile – find out today!

The numbers you need to stress test your B2B SaaS are finally here! The SaaSiest Report 2024 will give you all the comparable metrics you need to know- 

This is our largest report to date with figures from 143 B2B SaaS companies.

The SaaSiest Benchmark Report 2024 provides an invaluable overview of how SaaS companies, especially in northern Europe, are navigating the challenges and changes in the current economic landscape. It offers an in-depth analysis of core SaaS metrics, strategic shifts towards capital efficiency, and insights into the evolving market dynamics from both company leaders and investors. With the backdrop of cautious optimism, this report is a must-read for understanding the keys to resilience and success in the SaaS industry. 

Download the full report here today:

Hope you find it beneficial, we’re keen to hear your thoughts on it.

Webinar – Deep dive analysis by the CEO community – B2B SaaS in 2024 

Don’t miss the opportunity to dive deeper into these findings and engage directly with CEOs at our upcoming webinar. Sign up now to secure your spot for an interactive session filled with deep dives and live Q&A on the strategies driving SaaS success in these tumultuous times.

You will learn from a panel of CEOs how they are taking on 2024, managing bets, and balancing growth & profitability in an interactive and live session, all with the purpose of inspiring and guiding you in your decision-making for 2024.

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