About us

Welcome to SaaSiest – Europe’s leading B2B SaaS community!

What once was a hobby project in the Nordics started by Daniel & Thomas quickly turned into a community where European SaaS professionals come together to learn from each other!

Here is why we exist – The SaaSiest mission statement!

SaaSiest is a community-based initiative run by Thomas Sjöberg and Daniel Nackovski with the purpose of facilitating dialogue and knowledge exchange to help European SaaS professionals and companies reach their full potential.

Join us on our mission to make European SaaS companies the most successful companies in the world!

What does this really say?

  1. We serve B2B SaaS professionals 
  2. We have a European focus 
  3. We are democratizing B2B SaaS knowledge for everyone to access and leverage

Long story short, here is how it all started! We’ve been part of scaling SaaS companies in the past two decades, and have learned a lot through that journey. You can never know enough though, and we were curious to hear from other SaaS leaders and professionals how they scaled, and how they managed to take on challenges and maximize opportunities. We wanted to really get in there and get their secret sauce to success. Said and done, we started off with a podcast, interviewing SaaS leaders on all kinds of topics, always with a deep dive into a particular theme where we aim to get actionable advice from the person we are interviewing that all listeners can benefit from. Turns out that we were on to something, people wanted to learn from other SaaS leaders who engaged in honest conversations, and shared hands-on and tangible advice instead of just listening to high-level success stories that don’t give you anything on how it was actually done!

We are all about the “How-To” If you want to learn how to be a better SaaS professional in your respective field then this is the destination for you.

All our content is community-created, meaning it is SaaS professionals such as yourself, that are the originators of the content. The content contributors are individuals who have done the work, created and executed the plans to success, and lived through the painful mistakes -these are the individuals who are sitting in the exact same seat as you doing the real work!

That is why we are known as “The SaaSiest community for B2B SaaS Professionals by B2B SaaS Professionals”

Today we serve the community with a forum to discuss and learn from each other, via the following channels:

SaaSiest.com – News site where you can read articles, access reports, and trend data
SaaSiest CEO Network – Peer-to-Peer forum for European B2B SaaS CEOs with 2M Euro ARR and above
SaaSiest Executive Network – Peer-to-Peer forum for European B2B SaaS VPs & C-levels with 2M Euro ARR and above
SaaSiest Female Founders – Peer-to-Peer forum for Female B2B SaaS founders
SaaSiest 2024 in Malmö Sweden – the Ultimate B2B SaaS Experience, come for the content, stay for the networking
SaaSiest Amsterdam 2024 – the Ultimate B2B SaaS Experience, come for the content, stay for the networking
SaaSiest Podcast – honest, informal, hands-on, and theme-based interviews with SaaS professionals
SaaSiest.tv – like Netflix for SaaS content, a full video library of sessions, masterclasses, and workshops
SaaSiestJobs.com – the job board for B2B SaaS jobs

Together we are all stronger and we look forward to continuing our Co-creation journey with you!

SaaSiest Regards
Daniel & Thomas ❤️