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125. Andrei Zinkevich, Co-Founder, FullFunnel – The SDR model as you know it is dead!

In this episode, we speak with Andrei Zinkevich, Co-Founder, FullFunnel, the famous ABM and full-funnel marketing consulting agency that helps B2B tech companies with high ACV and long sales cycles elevate their Marketing and Sales efforts.

We talked with Andrei about why the SDR model as we know it is dead, and what the future of prospecting must look like to be successful. Some of the questions covered are:

– What is the old SDR Model, and why is it a thing of the past?

– What is ABSR- Account-based sales rep?

– How do you make this transition from traditional SDR to ABSR?

– What changes are required from the organization to be successful with this approach?

– How do companies measure success rate with this approach?

These are some of the many questions we address with Andrei. Please tune in to learn how Andrei and the companies he works with are transforming and benefiting by moving over to an ABSR practice and ditching the traditional SDR setup.

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