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124. Cedric Notz, CEO & Founder, Float – What is Revenue Based Funding and why its a good alternative to traditional funding?

In this episode, we speak with Cedric Notz, CEO & Founder of Float, a Capital-as-a-Service, that offers non-dilutive growth funding to European SaaS and other subscription businesses. They have 100m Euro to deploy in the coming years and you can get loans up to 70% of your ARR.

We talked with Cedric about what Revenue Based Funding is and why it’s become so popular so late. Some of the questions covered are:

– What is Revenue-Based Funding?

– How does this differ from other funding alternatives?

– What is the process of lifting a Revenue Based loan?

– Which are the key value-driven SaaS metrics in this process?

These are some of the many questions we address with Cedric. Please tune in to learn how Float and its non-dilutive growth capital can complement traditional capital while boosting the growth of your SaaS company.

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