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Europe’s largest B2B SaaS CEO network reaches new heights!

The SaaSiest CEO network kickstarts again with more than 100+ CEOs from the Nordics, Baltics and Benelux! For the 3rd consecutive year we’ll be welcoming some of the best CEOs in teh space, to engage, learn and share knowledge with each other.

What are the reasons behind the network’s popularity? 

The SaaSiest CEO Network is an exclusive membership group for CEOs running European headquartered, B2B SaaS companies with an ARR above 2M Euro. It is the largest B2B SaaS CEO Network in Europe! The network has been developed to facilitate peer-to-peer conversations, allowing CEOs to directly and openly discuss strategy, opportunities, challenges, and the future of their businesses with their peers. The focus is on intimate and in-depth conversations. Each group will consist of 15 CEOs maximum at any given time. The groups are paired based on a few parameters, for example, the size of your organization (ARR and Employees), the current growth pace of your revenue (CAGR), Go-to-market motion, and ownership structure among others. There is a non-compete element a,nd CEOs representing “competing offers” will be placed in separate groups.  Hands-on, no selling, just focus on practical elements that help CEOs move their organizations forward!

How does it work?

  1. CEO Mastermind sessions. 8 digital meetups a year for peer-to-peer discussions. Each CEO will have the opportunity to bring up their topics of interest to be discussed. SaaSiest moderates the sessions
  2. CEO in-person kickoff January 25, 2024, in Copenhagen with guest speakers and the opportunity to get to know your CEO cohort
  3. CEO Dinner April 15, 2024, in Malmö, Sweden which is the day before the SaaSiest event which takes place April 16-17 in Malmö, Sweden
  4. Local meetups. 4 additional in-person meetups during the year in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm with opportunities to have topic-segmented, cross-group discussions
  5. CEO Digital Community Access to a closed Slack group where you can communicate directly and ad-hoc with other CEOs in your group
  6. Exclusive Access to experts and data Access to exclusive talks, webinars, and reports from SaaS experts to inspire and help fuel your growth
  7. Financing matchmaking  As a member, you may be matched with funding partners should your business be ready for capital injection.
  8. Access to exclusive deals curated from SaaSiest and our Partners

Curious to join? Check out what other CEOs have to say about the network and sign up to join this exclusive community at 

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