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123. Martin Geier, VP Sales EMEA, Miro – PLG + Sales motion for the win!

In this episode, we speak with Martin Geier, VP EMEA Sales, Miro, the visual workspace for innovation that enables distributed teams to create the next big thing. Over 60 million people and 99% of the Fortune 100 rely on Miro throughout the innovation lifecycle to clarify complex ideas, center customer needs, and deliver products and services faster

We talked with Martin about Miro’s choice to move from a pure PLG motion to also add a Sales motion on top. In particular, we are looking into the dynamics of adjusting a GTM market motion and what it takes to make the transition to the new way of doing business. Some of the questions covered are:

– What are the reasons to add a Sales motion to an already functioning PLG motion?

– How does the Sales motion complement and integrate with the PLG process in practice?

– What changes did you have to do to customer segmentation?

– Which organizational setup is necessary to fully support a PLG+Sales motion?

– What are the key challenges, and how to overcome them, when combining a PLG motion with Sales

These are some of the many questions we address with Martin. Please tune in to learn how Miro successfully combined a PLG motion with Sales to further accelerate growth and increase ticket sizes.

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