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SaaSiest Euro Tour is here!

7 cities in 5 days! That is one intense week of SaaSiest meetups in Europe, starting the week of May 27th. 

Here are the cities and hosts that are bringing the community together:
May 27th: Vienna, hosted by Meister
May 27th: Munich, hosted by Demodesk
May 28th: Zurich, hosted by Skribble
May 29th: Amsterdam – Preparty for SaaSiest Amsterdam 
May 30th: Rotterdam, hosted by Bynder
May 30th: Ghent, hosted by Showpad
May 31st: London, hosted by Jiminny

Why do we do this?

Not because we are inspired by Taylor Swift alone (just a little bit), but because we believe in bringing the European SaaSiest community together. We welcome all B2B SaaS professionals to these meetups, 100% B2B SaaS, 100% quality content and networking and 100% free of charge. If you want to meet your peers to learn and exchange ideas in a social format this is the place to be. You will get access to fellow SaaS professionals and strategies & tactics from some of the best-in-class companies on how you can further grow your business.

This tour is about democratizing SaaS knowledge and open up the wider network to you all. The goal is that you will learn something new, you will extend your network with people that can inspire you to move forward faster and more efficiently, and vice versa you’ll be able to support someone in their journey. Together we are all stronger.

How do you run the meetups?

In each city, we’ll kickstart each session with an interview of a thought leader such as Clemens Weidenbach, CEO of Meister, Veronica Wax, CEO of Demodesk, Leah Tharin, PLG Expert & CPGO at GotPhoto, Hendrik Isebaert, CEO of Showpad, Tom Lavery, CEO of Jiminny, and top it off with an expert session from Nathan Latka. With over 3500 CEO B2B SaaS interviews completed, a thrilling SaaS journey and exit of his own, and now paying it forward to the community, he will join us to share what the best-in-class companies do in order to outperform their peers. He’ll be sharing hands-on strategies & tactics that you can implement right away to accelerate your journey.

These power sessions including Q&A will run for about 40 min, the majority of the time we have together will be spent networking, getting to know each other and finding sparring partners to support your journey ahead.

Join us today in your city, attendance is free of charge and we apply first come first serve as we have limited seats available in each location. Secure your spot here

See you there
SaaSiest team

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