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141. Hatla F. Johnsen, CEO & Co-founder of uQualio – The benefits of running a lean, distributed, and outsourced team

In this episode, we speak with Hatla F. Johnsen, CEO of uQualio, the cloud-based Video Learning Platform designed to make it easy to start making your own video training program for employees, sales partners, end-users, or who your viewers may be.

We talked with Hatla about the benefits of having a fully lean and distributed team, in particular the methods she’s put in place for the team to feel togetherness and be efficient.

Here are some of the things we talked about: 

– How do you build a lean, distributed, and outsourced team in a cost-effective way that is performing on a high level?

– What expectation does this set on communication flows and setting expectations methods compared to non-distributed team setups?

– How to enable great collaboration between different external teams?

– What is required from the leadership side to run an organization with a distributed team around the world?

These are some of the many questions we address with Hatla. Please tune in to learn more about the steps she is taking to build her distributed team for global success.

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