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142. Dirk Jonker, CEO & Founder, Crunchr – How to build for a market that is not fully defined?

In this episode, we speak with Dirk Jonker, CEO & Founder, Crunchr, the people analytics and reporting platform,  that layers on top of your existing HR systems to consolidate disparate data sources into easily accessible people insights.

We talked with Dirk about the challenges of product development and positioning in an evolving market. We particularly discuss the internal and external decisions you need to make to get early admirers to become paying customers.

Here are some of the things we talked about: 

– What requirements are put on product development when building for a yet non-defined market segment?

– How do you position and sell a product in a market segment that is still evolving?

– What requirements are put on leadership and communication when aiming to hit a moving target?

– How can you leverage competitors to define your role in this new market?

These are some of the many questions we address with Dirk. Please tune in to learn more about how Dirk and his team are positioning themselves to win in a market that is just developing.

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