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From Olympics to Float

Today, I want to share a story very close to my heart—my journey from the snowy slopes of Switzerland to the boardroom of Float, a burgeoning fintech startup. This narrative is not just about my transitions but about the lessons, hardships, and triumphs along the way. 

Early Days on Skis

My adventure began when I was barely old enough to walk, but already strapped into skis, navigating the cozy confines of my home. Skiing wasn’t just a pastime; it became a defining part of my identity. By five, the competitive world of skiing welcomed me, and by eight, I was making waves in Switzerland’s junior skiing leagues. This early part of my life taught me the value of hard work, discipline, and the addictive nature of victory.

The Olympic Dream

However, at thirteen, I faced a pivotal decision: pursue professional skiing or follow my intellectual curiosity through education. I chose the latter, temporarily shelving my Olympic dreams. Years later, that dormant dream reignited with a newfound mantra, “Focus on the journey, not the destination.” This philosophy propelled me to chase an unlikely Olympic berth, a pursuit that mirrored the early days of founding Float. Both journeys were fueled by sheer determination and a dream whose outcome was uncertain.

Surround Yourself with the Best

In preparing for the Olympics, like in business, surrounding myself with the best became paramount. Whether it was training for the Olympics or launching Float, the importance of a dedicated, talented team was a lesson learned early. Discipline, another crucial element, meant pushing through discomfort and maintaining focus on the goal, regardless of the nature of the task at hand.

Embrace the Journey, Including Its Ups and Downs

The path to the Olympics, much like entrepreneurship, was fraught with challenges. Initial failures in competitions and business setbacks at Float could have been demoralizing. Yet, understanding that progress is never linear and focusing on the journey helped maintain my morale. This resilience, rooted in childhood competitions, was invaluable in navigating the unpredictable terrain of both professional sports and business.

Visualization and Persistence: The Keys to Success

Years of striving toward a goal teach you the power of visualization. Seeing the outcome in my mind’s eye was crucial for my skiing and entrepreneurial endeavors. It provided a clear purpose and direction. The similarities between being an athlete and an entrepreneur became increasingly evident. Talent, agility, vision, and a supportive team were indispensable in both arenas. Yet, it’s the persistence, discipline, and a positive attitude toward challenges that truly define success.

The Journey Is the Reward

Ultimately, whether aiming for Olympic glory or building a successful startup, the journey itself is the most rewarding part. It’s about the growth, lessons learned, and the people you meet along the way. The destination, while important, is secondary to the rich experiences that shape us.

As I reflect on my journey from Olympian to CEO/co-founder of Float, I realize that the essence of both pursuits is strikingly similar. It’s about dreaming big, embracing the journey with all its highs and lows, and never losing sight of your goals. Whether on the snow-covered peaks of Switzerland or the fast-paced world of fintech, the adventure continues.

To everyone out there chasing their dreams, remember, it’s not just about where you’re going, but how you get there. Stay passionate, stay driven, and let the journey enrich your life in ways you never imagined.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. Here’s to the journey ahead, wherever it may lead.

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