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101. Marie Ahlberg, CFO, Quinyx – Here’s how the CFO role evolves over time as your business grows?

In this episode, we speak with Marie Ahlberg, CFO, Quinyx, the all-in-one Frontline Platform that helps over one million workers keep track of their daily schedules for a better work-life balance, trusted by enterprises worldwide.

We talk with Marie about the role of the CFO – particularly how the role and responsibility evolve as the business evolves! Topics that are being addressed in this episode are:  

– At what point do you need a CFO? Why?
– What is the dynamic and role split between the CFO and CEO?
– What does the evolution of the CFO role look like over time?
– How does the CFO team evolve over time and why?
– How to find balance between the short-term tactical execution vs long-term strategic advisor role

These are some of the many topics we address with Marie. Tune in to learn from her journey as a CFO through the phases of startups to large enterprises with global presence. Great insights on how the role and responsibility need to evolve to support the business objectives in the best way possible.

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