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18. Erik Bakstad CEO, Ardoq – Norwegian Startup to Global Scaleup – Iterate, Evolve and Execute!

In this episode, we speak to Erik Bakstad CEO, Ardoq, about their Enterprise Architecture Tool that helps organizations around the world manage their digital transformations.

This is a feel-good story, a few guys that experienced an issue, decided to find a resolution to the problem, started a business, built a product, and went to market. However straightforward that sounds, it wasn’t and the team has learned to evolve and reiterate to get to the strong position that they are in now with 10s of millions in ARR and growing extremely fast.

Erik walks us through the process of how he as an individual has reinvented himself and has taken on roles as CTO, CPO, and now CEO of the business, and the similar journey that Ardoq as a business has been through.

Tune in to listen to this amazing journey, the lessons learned, the power of the tipping point, and the necessity to be nimble and flexible to always improve and evolve. If you don’t, your next dinner might cost you more than you can afford 🙂

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