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23. Tom Henriksson General Partner, OpenOcean – How do you asses the value of a SaaS company?

In this episode, we speak to Tom Henriksson General Partner at OpenOcean, the Finnish-based VC company with a particular love for Enterprise data-intensive software businesses across Europe. 

Tom joins us to talk about how they assess the value of SaaS companies, and this is from the perspective of someone that has invested early in companies like MySQL, Truecaller, and Supermetrics among others. Hear him talk about ARR as the meta-level for valuations, CAGR, the importance of NRR growth, access to capital, and how the location of your home market all play a role when applying a valuation of a company. 

If you want to get a peek into how one of the most successful VC companies in the Nordics go about assessing companies, from applying the rule of 40, digging into the Unit economics, really (yes really) digging into your product, and assessing the skillset of the founders to make sure they are able to go all the way – then this is an episode for you!

This is an exciting and insightful conversation with a “product-driven” VC firm with a great track record in finding best-in-class companies at an early stage!

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