39. Jeppe Rindom Co-founder & CEO at Pleo – How to build for the future!

Jeppe Rindom

In this episode, we speak with Jeppe Rindom Co-founder & CEO at Pleo, the Danish Unicorn that has taken Europe by storm with their all-in-one solution for all company spending, trusted by over 20k customers to date!

In this episode, we talk to Jeppe about his philosophy on how he has built Pleo to be this great SaaS business, but also about his passion to make the entire Nordic business ecosystem more competitive.

We get to hear some insights on the following topics in this episode:

  • How Pleo purposely designed the team to be international from the get-go to be ready for the future
  • How do they work with “internal incubators” to accelerate GEO expansion
  • Jeppe’s philosophy on raising capital and being ready for the future 
  • and what we all can and need to do to make the Nordic SaaS ecosystem stronger and more competitive going forward 

This is a super inspiring episode with a great story about how to build a great business, but how we also as leaders have a responsibility to pay it forward to the entire ecosystem, at the end of the day we’ll all benefit from it.