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49. Sascha E.H. Skydsgaard, CSO, Timelog – How to go from hire to production in the shortest time possible?

In this episode, we speak with Sascha E.H. Skydsgaard, CSO, Timelog, the fast-growing PSA solution from Denmark which helps professional service organizations be more efficient in their work.

We talk with Sascha about onboarding new talent, and how to do that in an efficient way, in order to minimize the time to full productivity of new resources. 

– What should happen in a hiring process – which are the key steps to evaluate talent
– What should happen during pre-boarding
– Which key elements are part of an efficient onboarding
– Who needs to be involved in securing the success of newly hired talent
– How do you measure if onboarding was a success – what are the key indicators

These are some of many the questions we tackle with Sascha during the episode. This is a great episode for all hiring managers that are looking for inspiration on how to shorten the time from hire to production of new staff members – tune in!

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