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99. Andreas Fabricius, Co-CEO & CCO, Playable – When the going gets tough – think fast, execute distinctively and learn from it!

In this episode, we speak with Andreas Fabricius, Co-CEO & CCO, Playable,  is a platform that powers over 650 global brands designed to build playable marketing activities that drive engagement with a brand’s products and services

We talk with Andreas about handling the ups and downs in a growth journey,  particularly how they handled a tough period for the business to eventually come out on top better and stronger! Topics that are being addressed in this episode are:  

– How should you react to changes that have a significant impact on the business
– What is the role of the leadership team during these times
– How to balance trust and transparency with the team in an unknown environment
– What are some of the learnings coming out of an exercise like this

These are some of the many topics we address with Andreas. Tune in to learn from his experience about the rollercoaster of running a SaaS company, you’ll recognize some of the ups and downs shared here.

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