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100. Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight – Why are your customers staying with you?

In this episode, we speak with Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight,  the Customer Success & Engagement platform that has pioneered the CS profession, a powerhouse in the space with an ARR of 200M+ USD and customers all over the world. 

We talk with Nick about churn, logo, and client retention – particularly what preventive actions you can put in place to secure success and minimize the risk of churn! Topics that are being addressed in this episode are:  

– Why the question “Why did the customer churn” is the wrong one to ask
– The better process to find out why customers may churn – Get the process
– How do you demonstrate ROI to clients to underscore your value?
– How the role of the CSM is evolving over time and based on needs

These are some of the many topics we address with Nick. Tune in to learn from his experience in the field of CS and what companies do to become sticky, must-haves, and avoid churn!

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