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So Long SaaS Nordic – Say “Hello!” to SaaSiest

I hope you are sitting down for this one! What you have come to know as SaaS Nordic will from now on be called SaaSiest. Yes, we are officially moving over to call the entire operations SaaSiest (not just the event). Don’t be alarmed though, we’re going to continue on the same beaten path, democratizing B2B SaaS knowledge for everyone to access, accelerating peer-to-peer exchange, continuing to produce learning content via pod, articles, videos, and more, and of course, engaging with you all in our local meetups and the main SaaSiest event!

In short – more of the same just under the united name of SaaSiest!

Why are we doing this now?

Gosh, we love the name SaaS Nordic, and that helmet of a symbol has a special place in our hearts (maybe it will guest appear at some special occasions in the future, who knows). With that said, the timing to move to SaaSiest is now mature, and here are the main reasons why:

  1. We are a European B2B SaaS community, we have members, followers, and attendees to our events from every country in Europe (and some outside as well) and need a name that is inclusive, for everyone to feel equally a part of this thriving community! Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to have a name that sounds geographically fenced in – SaaSiest was the natural transition here!
  2. SaaSiest as a brand has grown tremendously strong, spearheaded by the annual SaaSiest event. When we asked the audience and focus groups, it turned out that the vast majority of the community associated our operations with the name SaaSiest more than anything else.
  3. SaaS Nordic has been the name of our podcast because we started interviewing Nordic profiles when we kickstarted this 2.5 years ago. If you’ve been with us since you’ve noticed that we’ve had guests in the podcast from all over the world over the past 1.5 years, inviting all talents that can contribute to knowledge sharing. 
  4. Most of our programs and knowledge distribution channels were already named SaaSiest.
    1. SaaSiest CEO network
    2. SaaSiest Executive network
    3. SaaSiest TV
    4. SaaSiest Newsletter
    5. ….

Now it is time to unify the remaining channels and outside communication to one brand, making it clearer for all.

  1. We have  SaaSiest trademarked across the world, that process has taken some time to see through and we are now finally there. 
  2. We have scheduled events this fall in European cities (that are definitely not Nordic) 

To make a long story short, from now on we are SaaSiest and SaaSiest only! We will continue on the same beaten path, and continue building the SaaSiest community with you all.

What has happened with SaaS Nordic (now SaaSiest) over the past 2.5 years

Honestly, we (Daniel & Thomas) started this to have a hobby project together. There was never any idea of running a business, building a European brand, creating a European SaaS movement or any of these things that are happening right now. It was two friends that had worked for SaaS companies over the greater part of two decades that wanted to record a podcast in order to learn from other SaaS professionals.

Things quickly changed as we struck a chord with SaaS professionals that encouraged and pushed us to build beyond the podcast. To build a community where we all could share experiences, learn from each other, and build new meaningful relationships all with the purpose to become better SaaS professionals. You asked for a product that didn’t exist, and we knew we could build it better than anyone, so we did. It is all thanks to you that we are transitioning now, having 700+ companies as members in the community, Europe’s largest CEO and Executive network with over 200+ sessions a year, and of course, to crown it all, the ability to learn together at the SaaSiest conference each year. Co-creation at its finest.

Fast Forward to today and moving forward – SaaSiest

Here is our mission statement:

SaaSiest is a community-based initiative run by Thomas Sjöberg and Daniel Nackovski with the purpose of facilitating dialogue and knowledge exchange to help European SaaS professionals and companies reach their full potential.

Join us on our mission to make European SaaS companies the most successful companies in the world!

What does this really say:

  1. We serve B2B SaaS professionals 
  2. We have a European focus 
  3. We are democratizing B2B SaaS knowledge for everyone to access and leverage

We’ll do this together with you, across multiple channels and formats, all under the name SaaSiest!

From the SaaSiest Founders to the SaaSiest community – keep up the good work – together we are all stronger ❤️

Daniel & Thomas 

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