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104. Bridget Harris, CEO & Co-Founder, YouCanBookMe – Reflections from a bootstrapping journey to $5M in ARR?

In this episode, we speak with Bridget Harris, CEO & Co-Founder, YouCanBookMe, the scheduling and booking platform that is fully customizable to each and every customer’s needs, with more than 1m users across 100 countries!

We talk with Bridget about what it takes to bootstrap a business to a scale-up with millions in ARR – particularly looking into the challenging and rewarding elements of a journey of this kind :

– What is the true definition of a bootstrapped SaaS business?
– How does one decide whether to be bootstrapped or not?
– What is the best way to strike a balance between control & autonomy vs. extra fuel & adjusted timelines that VC investments can give you?
– What are some of the key benefits vs. critical limitations to be aware of when bootstrapping a business?

These are some of the many topics we address with Bridget. Tune in to learn from her amazing journey to get a look behind the scenes of a bootstrapped scale-up. 

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