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106. Bastian Karweg, CEO, Dealfront – SaaS Merger – when 2 become 1!

In this episode, we speak with Bastian Karweg, CEO, Dealfront, the Go-to-Market Platform giving sales and marketing teams the data, applications, and insights they need to win any European market.

We talked with Bastian about his learnings from the merger of two SaaS businesses with each 10M+ Euro ARR and 100+ strong workforces into one unified organization.  We are particularly looking into the challenging and rewarding elements of a journey of this kind:  

– What was the origin of this merger?
– Why the C-suite merger workshops are key prior to finalizing a full company merger?
– What are the critical stages of a merger of this size that you need to get right?
– How do you bridge two established company cultures into something that unites everyone?
– How do you allocate new roles, teams, and responsibilities in a way that moves the business forward?

These are some of the many topics we address with Bastian. Tune in to listen to his learnings on the key activities to focus on to optimize the chances of a smooth and successful merger.

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