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112. Remco de Vries, VP Revenue Marketing, Gainsight – How to create an engaging Customer Community!

In this episode, we speak with Remco de Vries, VP Revenue Marketing, Gainsight, the Customer Success & Engagement platform that has pioneered the CS profession, a powerhouse in the space with an ARR of 200M+ USD and customers all over the world. 

We talked with Remco about building engaged communities. We are particularly looking into how you as a SaaS company can secure high engagement in your community:  

– What defines a community?
– Why it is so important to define the USE CASE for your community?
– How to best explain what is in it for the community members?
– How to get to the point where the community drives some of the initiatives? 
– How to measure the effects of a successful customer community?

These are some of the many topics we address with Remco. Please tune in to listen to his experience in building engaging customer communities.

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