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113. Marcus Wennmo, CEO, Eletive – Outbound Sales still works when done right!

In this episode, we speak with Marcus Wennmo, CEO, Eletive, the fast-growing People Success platform that allows companies to measure and increase engagement and performance in their organisation.

We talked with Marcus about growing efficiently with their own capital with a strong outbound strategy. We are particularly looking into how they’ve structured their outbound efforts to success:

– What are the critical parts of an outbound sales strategy?
– How to define messaging that works for your ICP?
– How is their team set up?
– What channels and tools are used and how do they interplay?
– Volume vs super personalized, how to think about the two methods? 
– What is the difference between markets, and how to approach it?

These are some of the many topics we address with Marcus. Please tune in to listen to his experience in building a self-financed, growth company based on a strong outbound sales strategy.

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