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116. Riika Söderlund, CMO, Katana – How will the SaaS CMO allocate their budget in 2024?

In this episode, we speak with Riika Söderlund, CMO, Katana, the platform that optimizes inventory levels and manages all your sales channels with cloud inventory software that tracks it all and more in real-time.

We talked with Riika about how a CMO should plan her marketing budget for 2024. We are particularly looking into how the structure of the budget shall look:

– What’s the guiding principle for setting the 2024 marketing budget in B2B SaaS?
– What are the main changes in your 2024 marketing budget compared to previous years?
– Which marketing trends or channels look promising for B2B SaaS in 2024??
– Are there any strategies you’re discontinuing in 2024 that worked before?
– How do you assess the impact of your marketing spend??

These are some of the many topics we address with Riika. Please tune in to listen to her thoughts about how CMOs can distribute their marketing budgets in 2024.

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