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129. Niclas Lilja, Founder & CEO, Younium – Going to the promised land for SaaS – the ups and downs!

In this episode, we speak with Niclas Lilja, Founder & CEO, Younium, the subscription management tool that integrates into your existing systems to streamline subscription management, invoicing/billing, financial reporting, and data insights.

We talked with Niclas about how it is to take your SaaS to the US! In particular, we are looking into the good, bad, and the ugly that the first year of business in the US brings:

– When is your SaaS business ready to establish a local presence in the US?

– What have been the main challenges in the first year in business in the US?

– What adjustments and potential compromises must you make to make it fly in the US?

– From a personal perspective, what do you need to consider when moving your entire family over?

These are some of the many questions we address with Niclas. Please tune in to hear what Niclas has to say about the first year in the US with his European HQ SaaS, the lessons learned and the advice to other leaders planning do the same. 

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