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132. Martin Lidgard, Founder & CEO, Web Manuals – Design your future with strategic projects!

Martin Lidgard, Founder & CEO, Web Manuals, the All-in-One Document Management System For Aviation Professionals that has bootstrapped past 10m Euro in ARR and continues to grow fast globally.

We talked with Martin about empowering team members! In particular, we are looking into the methods of how you can include, enable, and empower younger talent to run key strategic projects with success, and what that does to the culture of the business:

– It all starts with onboarding, how do you do this efficiently in the sense that people are truly ready when the onboarding period is over?

– How can you leverage in-person cohort onboarding periods and bi-yearly company-wide kickoffs to foster co-learning?

– How do you decide when and which strategic projects a new member takes on?

– What is the role of this power of distribution and decision-making?

– How does leadership take form in an organization like this?

These are some of the many questions we address with Martin. Please tune in to hear how Martin’s dedicated investment in young talents has turned into a strategic success factor for the business.

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