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133. Janus Klok Matthesen, Co-founder and CTO, Pixelz – Is AI going to replace Software Engineers?

In this episode, we speak with Janus Klok Matthesen, Co-founder and CTO, Pixelz, the post-production software for global brands, retailers, and photo studios, having retouched more than 55 million product images and counting. 

We talked with Janus about the entrance of AI into the day-to-day work tasks! In particular, we are looking into how AI will change the role of the engineering teams going forward:

– What is the role of the Engineer in the AI future?

– Who does what, person vs machine?

– What are the low-hanging efficiency gains with the introduction of AI for engineering?

– Which AI tool sets are you using in your engineering team to maximize efficiency and value?

– What are the risks you foresee with AI in engineering?

These are some of the many questions we address with Janus. Please tune in to hear how Janus sees the future of engineering teams and their roles in this new era of building software.

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