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134. Vincent Jong, VP Product, Dealfront – PLG and Human approach in symbiosis!

In this episode, we speak with Vincent Jong, VP Product, Dealfront, the Go-to-Market Platform giving sales and marketing teams the data, applications, and insights they need to win any European market. 

We talked with Vincent about how you can approach a PLG motion, from a product and commercial perspective! In particular, we are looking into a step-by-step approach:

– How shall a PLG approach be combined with the humans in the Go-to-Market

– What type of small experiments can be leveraged to introduce PLG elements into a human-driven GTM operation

– What key strategies do you employ in the product design to ensure immediate value delivery and a frictionless onboarding experience for new users?

– How do you integrate product analytics and user feedback mechanisms to continuously refine the product experience, prioritize features, and drive user engagement in a PLG context?

These are some of the many questions we address with Vincent. Please tune in to hear how Vincent is paving the way for a PLG & human-led approach, one step at a time, to further improve the customer experience.

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