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138. Daan Assen, Founder, SwipeGuide – How do you succeed with your customer pilot projects?

In this episode, we speak with Daan Assen, Founder, SwipeGuide, the platform that empowers frontline teams to connect knowledge, collaboratively solve problems, and continuously improve processes to ensure sustainable production patterns.

We talked with Daan about selling to some of the world’s largest organizations and the role of the Pilot project in such a sales process! In particular, we are looking into the methods to secure and deliver a successful Pilot project that roles over to a full-fledged & long-term relationship:

– What is your definition of a pilot? What is the purpose?

– Should you charge for Pilots?

– Which key metrics do you prioritize during a pilot to determine its success and potential scalability?

– Who should be running the pilot from the seller’s side?

– How do you ensure engagement from the prospect side on pilots?

– What strategy or tactic can significantly increase pilot-to-full-product conversion rates?

These are some of the many questions we address with Daan. Please tune in to learn how they are successfully leveraging Pilots to accelerate sales cycles and what methods they are using to increase the pilot-to-full-product ratio.

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