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139. Helena Tivell, VP of People, Kognity – Leadership development – how to develop your leaders!

In this episode, we speak with Helena Tivell, VP of People, Kognity, the all-in-one digital teaching and learning platform – with interactive content, analytics, and assessment support.

We talked with Helana about the importance of continuously developing the leaders of your organization. In particular, we looked into some of the methods she uses to develop and upskill her leaders and why it matters:

– What is the responsibility of a VP of People role?

– How do you further develop and enhance leaders’ ability to lead?

– What tools and methods are used to support this process?

– How do you decide on which areas to focus the upskilling in?

– How do you ensure the learnings live past the training sessions?

These are some of the many questions we address with Helena. Please tune in to learn what steps she’s taken to continuously support the leadership team with an upskilling process.

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