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28. Jenny Sagström CEO, Sköna – Why your brand matters in this day of age!

In this episode, we speak with Jenny Sagström CEO, Sköna, the high-tech branding, and marketing agency out of San Francisco with many of the world’s B2B SaaS companies on their client list – you guessed it, about branding! 

Working with the likes of Snowflake Jenny knows what it takes to build a brand that stands out in this day of age. She shares with us her perspective on brand vs marketing, why they are different, and why both matter. 

The trick is in the execution and timing, knowing when to focus on demand gen vs doubling down on the brand building, making sure you are consistent, accurate, and speedy in all your communication. She also taps into what key functions must be managed in-house in terms of demand and gen and brand, and when you need to consider hiring outside expertise to accelerate brand awareness. 

For anyone building a brand and looking for inspiration on the topic, this is a great episode!

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