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41. Jonas Thordal , Co-founder & CEO, Weld – How to leverage Professional Service to accelerate Product Sales!

In this episode, we speak with Jonas Thordal, Co-founder & CEO of Weld, the fast-growing Data Operations Hub platform that allows companies to centralize, model and activate their data – without scripts or APIs – built on top of your data warehouse.

Jonas walks us through their journey and how specifically they’ve leveraged Professional Services to grow ARR 100% year over year! There is a way to combine Product led growth with a manual touch, and when done right magic happens! Here are some of the learnings that Jonas shares with us regarding professional services:

– How to leverage PS to accelerate product releases and the Go-To-Market motion
– The role it has played in product deployment, time to value, and expansions
– How it affects finances, focus on product, and the dialogue with the capital market
– and more…

If you are considering building a Professional Service arm, make sure to tune in because there are some great tips and tricks here from someone that has mastered the craft! 

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