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70. Giles Whiting, COO & MD, Forsta – This is why your US sales will fail!

In this episode, we speak with Giles Whiting, COO & MD, Forsta, the HX (Human Experience Platform) that breaks down the silos between CX (Customer Experience), Employee Experience (EX), and Market Research – so that companies can get a deeper, more complete understanding of the experiences of their audiences.

We talk with Giles about his views on why many European B2B SaaS companies fail with their sales efforts in the US and discuss the following themes:

– Is there such a thing as global Product-Market fit
– Do you have access to the right talent to take on the US
– US is pay to play, do you have the necessary funds to sustain
– Do you have a game plan that is solid enough

These are some of the many topics we address with Giles and what you can do to overcome these challenges to ensure you set yourself up for success. Tune in to listen to Giles’s advice on taking your business to the States, and doing so successfully!

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