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77. Magnus Hultman, CEO, Safeture -You can’t cut corners!

In this episode, we speak with Magnus Hultman, CEO, Safeture the cloud-based employee safety platform enabling companies to manage risk, safety, and crisis processes from a single platform. 

We talk with Magnus about what it means to be a publicly listed company and how that has an impact on every operational decision that is made. Topics that are being addressed in this episode are:

– What are the main differences between being a publicly listed company vs a privately held
– How does this affect the organizational structure and internal processes
– Is IPO an option everyone should consider – what are the requirements
– How to cope with the stock market’s instant approval/disapproval 
– What are the main pros vs cons of being listed

These are some of the many topics we address with Magnus, tune in to learn from his experience of what it means to run a publicly listed company!

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