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79. Emil Sjödin, CEO & Co-Founder, Refined – Building a b2b SaaS company in another platform’s ecosystem!

In this episode, we speak with Emil Sjödin, CEO & Co-Founder, Refined the software that turns Confluence and Jira into custom intranets, documentation sites, support desks, and more—no code required. 

We talk with Emil about what it means to build a 10+m ARR company where your offering solely lives in one ecosystem, in this case, Atlassian. Topics that are being addressed in this episode are:

– Why chose to operate solely in one existing ecosystem
– Pros and cons
– How does this affect product development
– How does it affect sales
– What is the role of partners in all of this

These are some of the many topics we address with Emil, tune in to learn from his experience on how to build a fast-growing and profitable company by leveraging the power of an existing software ecosystem.

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