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89. Uku Tomikas, CEO, Messente Communications – What can B2B SaaS companies learn from the military?

In this episode, we speak with Uku Tomikas, CEO,  Messente Communications, the messaging API platform. Through secure, global messaging and two-factor authentication, Messente connects businesses to people across the globe spanning over 190 countries.

We talk with Uku about how some of the practices used in the military forces to organize and lead teams can be applicable to the SaaS world as well. Topics that are being addressed in this episode are:  

– The vision and understanding of assignments are key to driving success
– Communication management in an up and downstream process
– The importance of having scenario planning and having a plan A and B in place
– Leadership is all about keeping it simple

These are some of the many topics we address with Uku, tune in to learn from his experience of running a successful and profitable SaaS company while leveraging his learnings from his military career. 

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