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92. Karl Fredrik Lund, CEO, Papirfly Group – What happens after M&A the contract is signed?

In this episode, we speak with Karl Fredrik Lund, CEO, of Papirfly Group, the all-in-one brand management platform that empowers everyone working within your business to create brand-perfect collateral, using pre-approved templating aligned to brand guidelines.

We talk with Karl Fredrik about the real work that happens after the M&A contracts are signed. Topics that are being addressed in this episode are:

– What are underlying good reasons to even do M&A

– What are the practical aspects of an M&A process

– What happens after the transaction is closed

– How to handle the critical 3 C’s in this process: Communication / Culture Integration / Change management

– How does an M&A process affect a CEO in terms of time and energy consumed

These are some of the many topics we address with Karl Fredrik, tune in to learn from his experience of what it really takes to be successful with M&A.

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