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How well do you stack up to your SaaS peers in the Nordics & Baltics?

Here is the B2B SaaS report we all deserve – created by the SaaS community and not by some financial institution! This is the first independent B2B SaaS report of its kind in the region.

Have you ever wondered how efficient your SaaS company is in relation to similar SaaS companies?

  • Are you capital efficient enough?
  • Are you growing fast enough in relation to your burn rate?
  • How is your payback time in relation to companies with similar sales motions and ticket sizes?
  • Is your NRR poor, average or excellent in comparison to your peers
  • How does your staff retention rate compare to similar organizations and much more?

Take the survey now to see how you stack up on the most common metrics in our space. You’ll get full access to the report and findings by answering this survey!

The SaaSiest Benchmark Report is designed to help you validate that you are doing the right things in your business, and serve as an inspiration to fuel your internal discussions and decisions going forward. 

What you need to know about the SaaSiest report:

  1. It is 100% independent! No VCs, banks, or other financial institutions are behind this that ask for your numbers to fill their deal pipeline. The report is fully governed by The SaaSiest Company (SaaS Nordic) and is run to serve our community with relevant data for you to run your business going forward.
  2. All responses will be anonymized in any public reports, meaning nobody will ever know that it is person x from company z behind a particular number. However, to qualify the validity of the actual responses we ask you to add your name on the first page of the report, once again, this will never be published publicly.

Here you will find the survey, we look forward to receiving your responses and sharing the full results with you soon:

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