SaaS Nordic Clubhouse Breakfast #10 – Presales – the art of proving customer value and do a kick-ass demo


Roosa-Maria Manninen, Large Accounts Sales Lead at Vainu
Larre Ländin, CX Technologist Occtoo (SE)
Morten Heggenes, Sales Engineer at Quinyx (NO)
Daniel Arrelid, Presales Manager at Apptus Technologies AB
Liliana Lindberg, AI Solutions Engineer PELTARION (SE)
Jacob Jagger, Pre-Sales Engineering Team Lead Templafy (DK)

Key takeaways:

  • A presales or sales engineer role is about proving the value of the solution to the customer by being really honest and transparent.
  • Consultative rather than sales, bringing extensive knowledge about the functionality and use cases.
  • Don’t bring in the sales engineer in meetings too early, but rather at the stage where technical validation beyond the understanding of the sales rep is needed. 
  • Standard demos, custom demos, workshops, presentations, and client references are all essential tools in the toolbox of presales. 
  • Demo environments tailored to different verticals create a better and more personalized experience.
  • Sometimes the best demo is no demo – but instead showing what others have done and the value they’ve gotten from the solution. 
  • Do the homework and take care to read the room. Different target personas are interested in different parts of your solution. 
  • Focus on the end-user value and try your very best to avoid techno-babble.