SaaS Nordic Clubhouse Breakfast #14 – The Art of Account Based Marketing!


Sophie Hedestad, Chief Marketing Officer at Netigate (SE)
Tobias Arns 🟢 Arns, Chief Marketing Officer at Kindly (NO)
Charlotte Blicher, Chief Marketing Officer at Digizuite (DK)
Aron Kozak, Chief Marketing Officer at Signicat (NO)
Emelie Malmquist, Global Demand Generation Manager at Vainu (FI)
Erik Annerberg, Head of Account Based Marketing at Borg Owilli (SE) 

Key takeaways from today:

  • ABM is a strategy, not a software or a tool. 
  • It’s all about focus and ”hunting with a spear instead of a net.”
  • ABM helps to align sales and marketing around common goals.
  • ABM is about targeting the prospects with the highest likelihood of converting.
  • Having regular sales and marketing meetings and shared goals are essential.
  • ABM is best measured by topline revenue. Good sub KPIs are win rate, average deal size, and velocity times
  • ABM doesn’t require huge initial investments, so just get started.
  • ABM does scale because many accounts are very similar. Use technology to get intent data, and help you prioritize your efforts.
  • ABM will help you stay top of mind in the whole buying group