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The Dos and don’ts when expanding outside of the Nordics!

You have succeeded in your home market and now you’ve set your eyes on expanding in Europe, or even decided to go for the big prize – the US. Expanding internationally is exciting and rewarding, and success will significantly increase the value and staying power of your business. But it can also be quite challenging, and often very, very, expensive! Pål Malmros, partner at Verdane and investor in many internationally successful scaleups, will share learnings from Verdane, and will be joined on stage by Tobi Andersson, founder of the Verdane portfolio company Dapresy. Tobi will share his experiences from expanding internationally as a startup, contrasted with insights on how to lead large global teams, from his current role managing a EUR 100m+ SaaS business following Dapresy’s acquisition and merger with Confirmit and Focusvision.

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