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59. Tommi Ylinen, CPO, Relex Solutions – There is no playbook for B2B Enterprise product teams!?

In this episode we speak with, Tommi Ylinen, CPO, Relex Solutions, the supply chain and retail planning platform from Finland that has over 100m Euro in ARR, serving the largest retailers in the world!

We talk with Tommi about what it truly means to serve Enterprise customers with a mission-critical platform that affects the entire organization, and specifically what that means for the internal product team!

– What are the characteristics of a true Enterprise Software Platform? 
– What are the needed components of a product team that is serving an Enterprise market?
– The User vs. Customer dilemma – how does it affect the product development
– How to cope with slow feedback cycles?
– How to manage the weight of individual customers? 

These are some of the questions Tommi addresses, tune in to learn what it truly means to build Enterprise Software!

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