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115. Wes Bush, CEO, – Here is why you struggle when adding a PLG motion to your current strategy?

In this episode, we speak with Wes Bush, CEO,, the PLG agency behind the ProductLed System™ which has generated more than $1B in self-serve revenue for their B2B SaaS clients.

We talked with Wes about the reasons why Sales-led and Marketing-led companies struggle when moving/adding a PLG motion to their flow! We are particularly looking into what an organization needs to get right when transitioning into a PLG strategy:

– What are the most common misconceptions that sales-led or marketing-led SaaS companies have about PLG that contribute to their failure?
– What are the key strategic shifts that a company must make when transitioning to a PLG model, and how can a failure to make these shifts lead to poor outcomes?
– How do the cultural and operational aspects of a company need to evolve when adopting a PLG approach, and what are the consequences if these changes are not effectively implemented??
– What is the role of product design and user experience in PLG, and how a lack of focus on these elements can cause a PLG motion to fail?
– What metrics should SaaS companies focus on to successfully guide and measure their PLG efforts, and why might relying on traditional sales or marketing metrics lead to misguided strategies?

These are some of the many topics we address with Wes. Please tune in to learn about how you can make your PLG strategy successful!

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