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119. Ferdinand Goetzen, CEO, Reveall – Selling your early stage SaaS!

In this episode, we speak with Ferdinand Goetzen, CEO, Reveall, the product management platform that helps teams create better alignment between their product strategy and operations.

We talked with Ferdinand about what it feels like to sell an early-stage SaaS startup. We are particularly looking into the steps leading to this decision and the emotional aspect of them:

– What are the real driving factors to sell a business?
– How do you know when the timing is right?
– How do you prepare the team for a process of this kind? And for the life after the acquisition as being part of a different, larger organization.
– What is most challenging in this transition? Why? How do you overcome it?
– What emotions are involved in this process and how to handle them? 

These are some of the many topics we address with Ferdinand. Please tune in to hear his thoughts on what it is like to sell your early-stage SaaS business, and the decisions and emotions involved in the process.

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