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30. Sindre Haaland CEO & Founder, SalesScreen – The art of motivating and engaging sales people!

In this episode, we speak with Sindre Haaland CEO & Founder, SalesScreen, the Sales Gamification platform that is used globally by sales organizations to engage, encourage and motivate salespeople to perform well, all while having fun!

We take the opportunity with Sindre to dig into the psychology and levers at hand when crafting an environment that Salespeople want to thrive in. How do you compensate and award salespeople? How do you encourage and enable salespeople to do better? Do we all need to have Presidents Clubs? What about team incentives? How do you craft your competitions to be inspiring for all? Should you use team quotas? What’s required from the modern Sales leader to create an environment that everyone can thrive and feel motivated in?

This episode is for all the sales leaders out there – tune in and get inspired by Sindre’s thoughts on all of this.

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