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31. Hugo Wernhoff CEO & Co-Founder, Kognity

In this episode, we speak with  Hugo Wernhoff CEO & Co-Founder, Kognity, the learning platform that is powering teachers and students to better learning all over the world.

We take the opportunity to talk to Hugo about Kognity being a Vision driven business, and specifically about his great vision for the students of today and tomorrow. He is on a mission to democratize and elevate education all over the world….the results so far are stunning! 

What does it mean to be a vision and mission-driven SaaS company? What does it mean for a CEO and team to run on a 20-year visionary plan for the business! Hugo generously shares with us how the vision and mission stand above all, how that regulates the relationship with investors, affects recruiting & talent development, the way the customers and markets are approached, in a way that may differ from your regular SaaS growth journey.

This is for all the SaaS leaders that are building for the long run – tune in and be inspired by someone that is truly making the world a better place while building a company for the ages.

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