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32. Johnny Warström CEO & Co-Founder, Mentimeter

In this episode, we speak with Johnny Warström CEO & Co-Founder, Mentimeter, the collaborative and interactive presentation software that lets presenters do instant audience feedback, that has taken the world by a storm with 200m users!

We take the opportunity to talk to Johnny about how their success journey started, the evolution of their product and offerings, going from a self-service product to also include an Enterprise offering since a few years back.   

We’ve all heard the great story in terms of numbers, Mentimeter being a 30M USD ARR, growing 100% year over year! Their secret, at least one of them, is about their focus on HOW you reach success rather than just measuring the final outcome! Here is a perfect example of how establishing a company culture from the get-go, where recognizing the strength as well as the responsibility of each individual pays off big time!

Learn from Johnny how they work with culture, diversity, and programs to enforce this mindset in every aspect of their business to fuel their success!

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