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33. Kristoffer Cedfors Commercial Excellence, Verdane

In this episode, we speak with Kristoffer Cedfors Commercial Excellence, Verdane, one of the leading growth partners to tech-enabled and sustainable businesses in Europe.

Christoffer is a B2B SaaS pricing expert and takes us through the sophisticated world of defining the right pricing strategy for your business. He walks us through the different established pricing models, the pros and cons, when they fit vs not and how you need to think about them in relation to the value you bring to your customer.

We address questions such as:
-What’s the process of finding the right pricing model for your business
-How do you define the price levels, especially where market standards don’t exist
-the internal ownership of the pricing question – who owns it
-the relation of transparent vs public pricing 
-among many other questions pertaining to optimizing your pricing strategy  

Tune in and learn about best practices and how to approach the pricing question internally to make sure you have a model that lands well in the market and scales for the future.

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