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42. Chris Walker , CEO, Refine Labs – Do you have a Revenue R&D strategy?

In this episode, we speak with Chris Walker, aka “Mr. Demand Generation”. He is the CEO of Refine Labs, the progressive demand strategy and research firm focused on growth-stage B2B SaaS companies, that has taken the B2B SaaS world by storm.

Chris shares with us his thoughts on: 

– Why Demand Generation is key now in the new era of buying behaviors 
– How to set up your Demand Generation strategy & program for success
– The risks and opportunities with going all in on Demand Generation
– What channels to prioritize for your distribution 
– How to measure success, what KPIs to keep track of that define real progress
– and much more

If you are serious about creating demand for your product then this is a must-listen-to episode! Golden tips for all B2B SaaS CEOs and marketers!

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